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Sweet & Sour is a family owned business where we treat our customers just like family.

We have our own hired book-keepers and accountants to maintain our customers and sales. To be well organized and professional is our aim so we can provide the satisfaction you deserve.

We also have a customer service department where a client can call and discuss their problems or issues. As an assurance from our side to yours and your members, Sweet & Sour guarantees to provide service within 24 hours.

Having our customers feel they are important is our goal and we promise to keep that goal on the top of our priority list.

Sweet & Sour has an own distribution and marketing network that is fitted to provide you the product directly.

Our goal has always been to make it simple and fast for our customers.

Our salesmen are experienced, well trained, and very co-operative. We have our salesmen on different routes each day of the month. Our salesmen will drop in every 3 weeks and check for the products that have sold and the need for restocking.

At the current moment the number of our salesmen is sufficient to maintain our customers and routes; if necessary we can increase salesmen to meet the demand and provide the service our valued customers deserve.
13003 Murphy Road
Suite A-3
Stafford, Tx 77477
Phone (281) 933-7411 Fax (281) 933-7479

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